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Efficiently Managing Healthcare Transportation

Journey's Web-Based Platform Can Fully Automate Your Facility's Transportation Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Journey save my organization money?

Very simple, your transport vendors compete for your business through Journey. When you need a transport, simply enter the information for the appointment and soon you'll receive a response for each bid and time-availability for the trip!

What is the pricing for Journey Transportation?

Journey is priced to reflect a discount for large organizations since we can spread the overhead over multiple accounts. However, there is no long term contract, only a month to month license agreement. We are so confident you will enjoy the product, we don’t need long term contracts to keep customers!

Why was Journey created?

After years and years of technological advancement in other verticals, we knew it was time for the inefficiencies with transportation of healthcare organizations to be settled.

With the customer's experience and operational cost in mind, the software was made to reduce overall transport costs, boost customer service, and help management with real-time month-to-date costs.

How does Journey Improve Customer Service?

With unlimited access to the app across all employee's, everyone has the capability of scheduling and answering questions related to appointments. No more looking for the calendar and taking time away from patients!

How does Journey help organizations manage expenses?

Bidding: Your organization can choose the lowest cost job based on all vendor bids.

Real-Time Tracking: Track the money your organization has spent on jobs in the past, while also seeing the expected expenses to come from jobs booked in the future.

Does Journey help provide accurate Transportation Logs?

At the end of the month, or whenever you want, download any transportation log including internal and/or vendor transportation reports.


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