Patient transportation services can be a tricky matter. Not only do you have to set up the right kind of transportation, but you have to secure liability, make sure the transportation is properly scheduled for the day or week, and find a way to keep track of the transportation to make sure it departs and arrives on time with everyone who was involved. You also have to keep in mind the medical needs of the patient as well as any complications that may arise when moving the patient. Needless to say, there are a lot of factors that go into the proper setup of non-emergency transportation, which can make the task of scheduling patient transportation even more difficult.

The Journey app makes scheduling reliable senior transportation much easier. With Journey, you can schedule and keep track of every and all forms of transportation. You’ll have vendors bidding for your transportation business, so you’ll be able to pick the best one that fits your needs. Your company or business will be able to fully keep track of your nursing home transportation with our online and mobile app. When you use the Journey app, you’ll get full reports for every aspect of your patient transportation. Whether it’s non-emergency medical transportation, hospital transportation, or wheelchair transportation, you’ll be able to stay on top of every part of your patient transportation services with Journey. See below for some of the other great benefits of using the Journey app, or contact Journey today to answer any questions.

Journey is guaranteed to save money by ensuring organizations pay the lowest price on every trip!

Every vendor transport request is sent electronically only to your approved vendors with the click of a button. The vendors bid on the transport ensuring every transport is the lowest cost every time.

Manage transportation costs in real time!

Journey provides your organization the ability to see how much has been spent and how much has been obligated for future vendor transport with customizable “spend down sheets”!

Organizations have unlimited access so their staff can stay informed!

Today, only a few staff members have access to vital calendars used for scheduling transports. Your organization’s staff can have live access right on their own device ensuring the resident is ready for their appointment and for skilled facilities, ensuring valuable therapy sessions are not missed!

Journey requires no additional hardware!

Journey can be accessed on your desktop or mobile device! Immediately upon signing up, we give you unlimited access.

HIPAA Compliant

Journey’s Software Package will protect all patient information to ensure all privacy standards are exceeded.

Journey Application Inc. is planning our next release this fall with many new and exciting features!

These features will be added at no cost to those using Journey and as our customer, we will be glad to share these with you!