Journey Application was created by a husband and wife team, with over 35 years combined experience in long-term care. Both grew frustrated by the lack of efficiency in transportation services for their residents. Nursing home transportation and medical patient transportation was costing businesses money and leaving patients unsatisfied with their experiences. They noticed that non-emergency medical transportation was incredibly inefficient. As you may know, healthcare leaders continue to be challenged transporting residents while reducing liability and managing expenses as well as promoting safety and customer satisfaction. This is a growing task in our current healthcare model, and ensuring access to non-emergency medical transportation is incredibly important.

Through consulting with multiple associations and peers, the designers sought the best technology for managing transportation that met their objectives. What they soon discovered was that a solution was desperately needed! Multi-million dollar operations were losing money on their non-emergency medical transportation while using paper calendars and MS Outlook for scheduling transportation. Rather than working on the cost management, one firm admitted, “We are constantly increasing our budget for transportation or we will have a negative variance on our income statement!” Clearly, it was time to transform how non-emergency medical transportation was managed – thus the creation of Journey!

The designers have a long-term vision for Journey and are working hard on future updates. However, no aspect of this vision is more important than customer feedback. As part of our team, let us know how to make it better for you and we will try to incorporate it in an upcoming release!